Montreal; a city which loves dogs

On our recent trip to Montreal, sister Claire and I were delighted to stumble upon a temporary art exhibition featuring colourful canines.

The work of multidisciplinary artist and designer Mélanie Crespin, Dans ma cour, ç’a du chien, is a free open air exhibit which allows members of the public to interact with silly dog statues.

Here’s Claire playing with a German Shepherd, for example:

There was an inquisitive pink Beardie, a Bull Terrier working on his meditation, a Boxer rolling in the grass, and an English Bulldog with his tongue hanging out, as well as these others:

I thought the exhibit was a really neat idea, especially how people were encouraged to sit on the chairs/hammocks and relax among the art.

Apparently, in 2013 there was another art installation with a canine theme; two statues called “The English Pug” and “The French Poodle”, symbolising the historical relationship between the French and English Canadians in the city. (It’s interesting that the artist chose a Pug to represent England, given that the breed originated in China. They are, however, very popular over here, and were famously owned by Queen Victoria.)

I have a theory that dogs are ubiquitous; I have yet to find a museum which doesn’t feature them somewhere. So, I was also happy to spot this handsome Spaniel elsewhere in Montreal. (He’s on the Maisonneuve Monument, outside of the Notre-Dame Basilica, keeping merchant Lambert Closse company. )

Is it any wonder that I liked Montreal?

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