October ’19 roundup


October started off on a sad note, with a trip to the Isle of Wight to honour my late maternal grandmother. She passed away in Canada in July, and asked that there be no funeral – she never did like being the centre of attention – so we decided to have a little memorial for her here. Why the Isle of Wight? Because she had happy memories there; she visited with her schoolmates in the summer of 1939, just before the outbreak of WWII, and again with us in 2015. We went to Alum Bay, where Nanny had enjoyed making made sand ornaments, and read some poems and made speeches. Then we went for her favourite meal: fish and chips. It was a difficult day, but a nice way to honour an amazing lady.

The next weekend a work friend and I travelled to visit two ex-colleagues (now married) in Brighton. Unfortunately, much like the last time we visited this particular couple, it was horrible weather, wet and windy, so we mostly just chatted and watched TV. It was nice to catch up though, and we finally managed to watch Rogue One together, having seen all the other Star Wars films as a group. (My husband got me into them when The Last Jedi came out, and then the girls said they’d never seen any so we started at New Hope and worked our way through the main series in release order. Much nerd knowledge, we now have.)

The next Saturday was home based, with some errands around Basingstoke and a quick coffee with local friends of ours. Then we went to Wellington Country Park with other local friends and their little boy on the Sunday. It was the perfect place for an autumnal walk/ runaround; we all went home shattered.

Last weekend we went to the seaside again, this time a trip to Portsmouth Dockyards with the in-laws. It was another grey day, but that just added to the effect when standing on the deck of Victory or Warrior.

In between the weekends there is not much news to report. We’re dog sitting for my parents, and we’ve been looking at a few houses, but otherwise just carrying on. We managed to avoid the trick-or-treaters last night too… but not a 2019 election!

What I Read

My reading habits this month have been somewhat remiss, actually. Between movie nights, busy weekends, and all the good TV at the moment I haven’t had much time. I’m working my way through a few books (possibly part of the problem) but haven’t finished any.

What I Watched

  • The Big Bang Theory, Season 12
  • The Apprentice, Season 15
  • Seven Worlds One Planet
  • Meat Eater, Season 8
  • The Good Place, season 4
  • Living With Yourself, season 1
  • Snow White & Pinocchio

Like I said, lots of TV watching this month!

The Big Bang series finale was kinda ‘meh’ for me, to be honest. So is this season of The Apprentice; both were/are as expected, with no stand out moments or characters. Seven Worlds is only one episode in, but pretty standard Attenborough stuff.

Meat Eater is one of Adam’s new favourite shows, and I find it an interesting perspective on a different way of life. Hosted by ‘Meat Eater’ Steven Rinella, it follows his various hunts in different parts of the world, usually places in America. He tracks, hunts, and gathers all sorts of different wild animals and ingredients, usually with a few buddies in tow, then teaches you what to do with the animal once you’ve killed it, so nothing goes to waste. Not one for your vegetarian friends, but worth a look if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to stalk a bear in the wilds of Alaska.

The Good Place continues to be both interesting from a character perspective and hilarious; I look forward to seeing how the story concludes.

Living With Yourself was one recommended by Netflix; we’re only a few episodes in, but I am fascinated by the premise. An average guy (Paul Rudd), who is mildly dissatisfied with everything in his life, goes to an experimental spa in an attempt to improve things. It transpires that this spa is actually a human cloning facility, which makes some tweaks on the clone to give it genetic advantages and a better outlook. They usually bury the originals in the woods, but in this instance he survives. So, the ‘new improved’ clone (also played by Paul Rudd) and the original have to learn to live with each other. This includes things like sharing their job, and their wife. From the look of the trailer, things are about to take a dark turn, but I’m willing to go along for the ride.

Snow White and Pinocchio were part of my Overthinking Disney project. Tonight is Fantasia.

What I’m looking forward to in November

  • A trip to Aberdeen to visit a high school friend and her new baby
  • Newlyn’s Christmas Fayre
  • The Crown season 3
  • Queer Eye Japan
  • Frozen 2


  • Edmund Graham

    2nd November 2019 at 12:11 am Reply

    Coming to the Island sounds like quite a wonderful way to mark her life, I can only hope if you find yourself down here again it’s for happier reasons.
    I can’t help wondering what you made of the newer Star Wars films, it seems (at least if you believe certain sections of the internet anyway) that people either think they’re great or act like their entire life has been personally ruined by Disney

  • Laura Patricia

    3rd November 2019 at 4:25 pm Reply

    Hi Ed. That’s a hard question to answer; I really liked The Force Awakens, having only seen the original trilogy at the point when I saw it. I enjoyed The Last Jedi, but story-wise I found it a bit pointless. At the beginning, the Resistance is running away. At the end, the Resistance is running away. Kylo begins conflicted, and ends conflicted. And the whole Finn/Rose adventure was a complete waste of time. The only thing that really happened was that Snoke was killed, without explaining who he was or why we should care.

    I am very therefore intrigued to see what they do with The Rise of Skywalker, especially with Carrie Fisher’s passing. It was clearly meant to be Leia’s movie (Awakens was Hans’ and Last was Luke’s, and she had her son have not yet been in the same room in this trilogy), so I’m curious to see how they handle things with just the limited footage they had. It will also be interesting to see where everything has been going all these years.

    • Edmund Graham

      6th January 2020 at 1:06 am Reply

      I can only apologise for an extremely belated reply to your message (helpfully I had no message to tell me you’d responded, the joys of technology sometimes). Considering I’m writing this after TROS came out I’m curious what you made of it, I only saw it this week after managing to break my toe just before Christmas. Which is a long and utterly bizarre story which I’ll spare you unless you’re curious for some reason.
      I actually nearly emailed you (not about Star Wars, something entirely unrelated to that) but I realized that a) considering we’ve not spoken properly in…longer than I can even begin to estimate I wouldn’t want to assume said email would be welcome and b) considering the only email I have for you was from more than a decade ago I can entirely believe it may be severely out of date at this point.

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