About Me

My name is Laura Patricia, and I’m a frustrated writer. At 31, I work as a Claims Assessor in the insurance industry. I don’t mind the actual day to day job, and it pays well, but it’s not creatively fulfilling at all. 

So, I’ve decided to re-launch this blog as my outlet. Somewhere to dabble with writing and to say what I have to say, to whomever cares to listen. At this point I’m not exactly sure what my ‘brand’ will be, but the point is not to worry about that too much. It’s about the words, not the packaging. 

I hope you enjoy reading. If not, I hope I enjoy having written.

What will I write about? I’m not sure yet. Most likely food, travel, and television. Possibly some short stories. Perhaps nothing. I’m certainly not brave enough (yet, in the current climate) to write about current affairs and politics, but maybe I’ll get there. Watch this space.